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Government agencies and groups

Government  agency contact numbe

Name of the agency Address Telephone Website
Shanhua District Office, Tainan City No. 190 Jianguo Road, Shanhua District 5837226~9 http‭://‬www.shanhua.gov.tw‭/‬
Shanhua Branch Office, Tainan City Police Department No. 461, Singnong Road, Shanhua District 5817434 http‭://‬shanhua.tnpd.gov.tw‭/‬
Shanhua Dispatch Office No. 353-1, Jhongshan Road, Shanhua District 5817007  
Jiaba Dispatch Office No. 350, Jiaba, Jianan Village, Shanhua District 5837379  
Dongchang Dispatch Office No. 101, Dongshihliao, Dongchang Village, Shanhua District 5837305  
Simei Dispatch Office No. 115, Siwei, Simei Vil-lage, Shanhua District 5817981  
Shanhua District Fire Department, Tainan City No. 267, Guangfu Road, Shanhua District 5817119  
Household Registration Office, Shanhua District, Tainan City No. 269, Guangfu Road, 19th Neighborhood, Wunchang Village, Shanhua District 5817445 http‭://‬www.tainan.gov.tw/shanhua‭/‬
Shanhua District Health Center, Tainan City No. 200, Jhongshan Road, Shanhua District 5837035, 5831470 http‭://‬‭/‬tainancounty4‭/‬pub/LIT_6‭.‬asp
Tainan City Second Service Station, National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior No. 353, Jhongshan Road, Shanhua District 5817404 http‭://‬www.immigration.gov.tw/mp.asp?mp=S016

Elementary and high schools in the district 

Institution name Address Telephone Website
Shanhua Senior High School No. 195, Dacheng Road, Shanhua District 06-5837312 http‭://‬www.shsh.tnc.edu.tw
Shanhua Junior High School
No. 656, Ximei Village, Shanhua District 06-5817043 http‭://‬www.shjh.tn.edu.tw/web/index.php
Shanhua District Shanhua Elementary School No. 63, Jinxue Road, Shanhua District 5817020 http‭://‬shes.dcs.tn.edu.tw‭/‬
Dacheng Elementary School No. 385, Dacheng Road, Shanhua District 5837520 http‭://‬www.dces.tn.edu.tw/dcesweb‭/‬
Jiaba Elementary School No. 280, Jiabei Village, Shanhua District 5837031 http‭://‬cbesxoops.dcs.tn.edu.tw‭/‬
Datong Elementary School No. 200-1, Liude Village, Shanhua District 5837352 http‭://‬dtes.dcs.tn.edu.tw‭/‬
Yangming Elementary School No. 300, Hujia Village, Shanhua District 5817165 http‭://‬www.ymes.tn.edu.tw‭/‬
Siao Sin Elementary School No. 97-3, Xiaoxin Village, Shanhua District 5837019 http‭://‬www.ssees.tn.edu.tw‭/‬
Shan Tang Elementary School No. 245, Ximei Village, Shanhua District 5817304 http‭://‬staes.dcs.tn.edu.tw‭/

Other govern-ment agencies

Name of the agency Address Telephone Website
Shanhua District Farmer's Association No. 242, Jhongshan Road, Shanhua District 5836111~9 http‭://‬www.sh-fa.org.tw‭/‬
Feed Factory No. 56, Jianye Road, Shanhua District 5837350, 5836111  
Lioufenliao Office No. 333-2, Lioude Village, Shanhua District 5838020  
AVRDC - The World Vegetables Center No. 60, Yiminliao, Wunchang Village, Shanhua District 5837801 http‭://‬www.avrdc.org‭/‬
Shanhua Post Office No. 332, Jhongjheng Road, Shanhua District 5832496  
Chenggong Post Office, Shanhua No. 41, Chenggong Road, Shanhua District 5850747  
Shanhua Simei Post Office No. 204, Simei Village, Shanhua District 5817018  
Shanhua Jhongshan Road Post Office No. 371, Jhongshan Road, Shanhua District 5810779  
Jhonghua Telecom - Shanhua Service Center No. 246, Jhongshan Road, Shanhua District 5837529, 5837244, 5835614, and 583704  
Taiwan Power Company Shanhua Service Station No. 321, Dacheng Road, Shanhua District 5839642~3  
Jianan Taiwan Joint Irrigation Associations - Shanhua Waterworks Station No. 102, Gongyuan Road, Shanhua District 5837669  
Jianan Taiwan Joint Irrigation Associations - Jiaba Waterworks Station No. 353, Jianan Village, Shanhua District 5835064  
Shanhua Public Services Branch No. 198, Jhongshan Road, Shanhua District 5837001  
Shanhua Meat Produce Market, Tainan City No. 1-8, Dongchang Village, Shanhua District 5835101, 5835103  
Shanhua Brewery Exhibition and Sales Center No. 2, Chenggong Road, Shanhua District 5838511~6#700 http‭://‬event.ttl-eshop.com.tw/sh/index.aspx
Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation, Shanhua Business Center Floor 1, No. 2, Chenggong Road, Shanhua District 5830691, 5830694  
First Bank No. 366, Jhongshan Road, Shanhua District 5817350~1#5816947  
Taiwan Business Bank No. 352, Jhongshan Road, Shanhua District 5816111, 5819226~9  
King's Town Bank No. 452, Jhongshan Road, Shanhua District 5815658, 5816550  
Animal Shelter, Shanhua Station - Tainan City Animal Health Inspection and Protection Office No. 1-19, 1st Neighborhood, Dongshihliao, Dongchang Vil-lage, Shanhua District 5832399  
Cathay United Bank - Shanhua Branch Floors 1 and 2, No. 349, Jhongshan Road, Shanhua District 5810607  
Shanhua Station No. 1, Jhongshan Road, Shanhua District 5837301  
Workforce Development Agency, Yongkang Station, Shanhua Service Office No. 190 Jianguo Road, Shanhua District 5834670  

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